Kruger Gateway Safaris


Cat Fran

Gerrie was an absolutely fantastic guide. We were a group of 7 Irish people and the entire day exceeded all of our expectations. Gerrie was extremely knowledgeable about the park and the wildlife, and he was patient and kind. We saw some incredible sights, including a white rhino and calf, and a herd of elephants crossing the road right in front of us. We all agreed that we wouldn’t have had half the experience we did if we took our own car in and drove ourselves. Thank you so much Gerrie!

Catherine Kirk

Wow! I am so so happy that I had the opportunity to visit Kruger with a guide like Gerrie! Maybe as a South African my first visit to the amazing park could have been a drive in the family car trying to spot things our the window. But how much better Kruger Gateway Safaris made it !! The knowledge and anecdotes that Gerrie could tell added a huge deal more he really made the trip personal and unique- an adventure! Highly highly recommended- and not just for ‘tourists’

Sean Maher

This safari tour with Gerrie was absolutely outstanding. He brought us at the perfect time in the morning to see the sun rise and the day starting, and managed to know so many areas that had hidden gems – we got to see 3 leopards on our tour as well as the big 5, and it made the experience fantastic. He was so knowledgable, and patient with us (with 7 Irish accents to understand!) – he also took photos of great quality on his SLR camera and sent them on, and let us borrow some binoculars. The whole day was a pleasure and we got to see Kruger in the best way we could’ve imagined. 5 stars isn’t enough!

Aditi Gulati

KGS is Highly recommended. Gerrie our guide made the Kruger Safari a memorable experience. His passion and enthusiasm was contagious. We started the day with a leopard sighting, Gerrie intuitively knew that the leopard was going to go for a kill – as all other tourist vehicles clicked pictures and moved on – we stood there patiently and in the end were rewarded with a gorgeous sight of the leopard attempting a kill.
This was just one of the many memories we have from Kruger. Gerrie could have easily taken us down one of the commercial routes in Kruger and while we would have still spotted the Big5, we would not have experienced the ‘Real’ Kruger as he called it. Thanking our stars we chose Kruger Gateway Safaris. Thanks again Gerrie.

Berenice Longo

Gerrie was a fantastic guide. We were 4, he came to pick us up at the hotel and explained a lot about the animals. I recommend him to everyone especially for his courtesy and kindness

David Wu

Gerrie is a professional guide who loves the park. He knows everything about the birds and flowers in Kruger. We were 15 mins late to exit the park because we had to wait on the road for a pair of cheetahs to cross the road and we watched a mom hyena feeding the Cubs. Enjoyed it!

Kapu Tex Nkowane

Gerrie, We had such a great time! Great tour & snacks. We enjoyed everything. Thank you so very much.

Linda Cornwell

Thank you for an eventful and exciting afternoon ride! Watching a leopard move quietly out of the way to make room for a herd of buffalo coming down for a drink, only to have a lioness storm out of nowhere to try to catch a buffalo – wow! (Glad the buffalo got away 😊)

Luke Oldham

We had an amazing trip! Thank you so much! The animals were amazing and the guide even better. We can’t wait to come again!

Marianne van Amelsvoort

We had a wonderfull day with Gerrie! We booked a whole day experience, and we were in the park from dusk till dawn. Hè is flexibel and makes the safari personalized. A perfect day!